this still picture is from the new documentary DVD movie The Cover Story - Album Art in 2013 ...by Eric Christensen

From the beginning I was always a 'word lover.' The way the song lyrics started to have meaning and finally made the music worth lisyening to. For me it all began with Elvis and The Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album. That record really changed my life! Those were the words and musical images that awakened my dreams & creative juices and 'revolutionized the world' as we knew it then. Having graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing ~ It was the song lyrics that elevated my mind and motivated me into a 13 year career in the music business. I designed album covers and music books; preparing the graphic images and packaging for the original Superstars of rock music. My major art, design, photography and assembly credits included the last two official record album covers, (and poster) for Jimi Hendrix, three Rolling Stone's albums, The Beatle's 'Hey Jude' (plus many more as shown further below). Yes, a very nice circle to play in during the Woodstock generation. Both for the then ultimate "Fast Lane" and for just how wonderful it was to touch what is now sadly becoming Rock & Roll Heaven!

What it seems that we all understood in those simpler times was the meaning behind the music; not the political rhetoric. As in a true paradox it has taken us through assassination, conspiracy and lies ~ to the doors of perception of the truth. It has brought me personally on a path of spiritual realization through my writings about the great illusion of life!

My lyrics, poems and spirituality was written & developed over a period of 45 years. Now all this time later, I am finally able to put all of this into a 'Gift of Knowledge' that can be shared and understood by everyone. All of these metaphysical thoughts & surreal images spread the meaning of life to you the readers. It now goes beyond politics, ego, music & art and touches on fate & destiny that this view of my worlds within "THE GREAT ILLUSION" has been presented here for your intellectual understanding and spiritual evolution. The Great Illusion opens you to see. It takes you beyond lifestyle and philosophy. It opens you into an area where the subconscious mind actually recognizes the universal concepts of love, harmony and physical manifestation. Now with all the knowledge that has been exposed to us here, we shall create a better next chapter!

The Missing Link

It's not what you do, but what you think...
the concept of purpose is the found missing link.
Look toward the future is a place in your mind,
that attracts what is ready to be born into time.

Find what's important to prepare for the ride,
the Yin and the Yang of something inside.
Thought is like magic ~ Life is the blur,
a mind bending concept that's meant to occur.

Seeing the picture of how life it just flows,
the balance and harmony we must all undergo.
Eye of the eagle with the heart of a dove,
opposite forces of the Power of Love.



Back in those early days of my rock music graphic arts career I quietly wrote words to songs. Lyrics of course that in those years I would never show to anyone! Actually my first poem "Life is a Circle" was originally started from an Aquarian thought that struck a chord within me. Those words were "It Only Takes A Song To Understand". A meaningful line from the song called 'Smile' written by my late friend Bert Sommer who was cast as 'Woof' in the original Broadway show "HAIR". Bert also did 4 solo albums for Capitol, Buddah and Eleuthera Records; the first three were produced by Artie Kornfeld who created the Woodstock Festival at which Bert performed on August 15, 1969. Hear his life changing song "Hold the Light" (by clicking the > arrow below) that first started my long journey into metaphysical consciousness.

Bert Sommer performing at Woodstock

Woodstock producer Artie Kornfeld & me still hanging

Victor Kahn at Woodstock on August 15th, 1969

backstage (day one) as the early crowd starts flowing in
...but maybe better titled "getting into the movie".


Additionally, if you are at all interested in the real story behind the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival ~
Artie Kornfeld's 40th anniversary book that I designed 'The Pied Piper of Woodstock' is available on Amazon here
Additionally you may take a visit to Artie's personal website that I designed for him at www.artiekornfeld-woodstock.com

...as well as the memorial website that I did for Woodstock performer Bert Sommer at www.bertsommer.com



Some places in time where my art, design, name & credits still reside...

pied piper

my 40th anniversary Woodstock book cover art & design in 2009


My design of Artie's official Woodstock '69 website at www.artiekornfeld-woodstock.com




...the last two official Jimi Hendrix album designs & poster releases




...three Rolling Stone's album artwork, assembly, sleeve and poster design


    LIBposter    LIBback

the original Don McAllester photographs before my graphics, type & assembly.
Note: the clay holding up the record needle arm and cropped out of final cover!

Keith & Mick approve the new "Let it Bleed" cover - 1969      (photo by Ethan Russell)



            The 20 Most Valuable Records EVER
#19. The Rolling Stones, 'Promotional Album' LP, 1969  (p
er NME & Record Collector)
Just 200 copies of this were pressed, 100 each for the US and the UK, and sent to radio stations.
I designed these specifically for DJ's with stereo versions of early Stones mono single releases.


...the Beatles "HEY JUDE" 1970 album

The 'Hey Jude' cover shooting was photograhed by Ethan Russell at John Lennon's home on 8/22/69

The 'Hey Jude' album cover graphics evolution: That name 'Beatles Again' was never an option for me!
I was the graphic designer who worked for Alan Steckler and assembled the Apple & Abkco's artwork for that album.
My name change was about the first stereo release of the #1 song 'Hey Jude' two years after the mono single.

Victor Kahn quotes eBay that one copy of 2 known of "Beatles Again" LP's sold September 2014 for $12,988.88
I'm an idiot to have given these away, but I still have below 'the rarest piece of Beatle's one of a kind art in the world.'      
From The White Album; the press sheet of the individual photos. If you are interested, we are talking six figures!

...and in the beginning I did these three HAIR show cast LP's are Bert Sommer, Jennifer Warnes and Martha Velez
At the right is my first album cover (Zombies) and then some of my many music books for Screen Gems.




Special thanks to my old friend Eric Christensen for his
new documentary movie called  'The Cover Story'  about
the making of record album cover art.    He was gracious
enough to include me in his wonderful film along with just
about every famous graphic artist,  photographer and LP
GET IT HERE:  www.thecoverstoryalbumart.com




It has taken quite an effort to develop 'The Great Illusion' to this point. I would like to thank my personal friend and visionary artist Jim Warren for collaborating with his immense artistic talent to all of these surreal metaphysical adventures. Jim's career also began in the music business realizing its ultimate achievement; A Grammy Award in 1980 for his painting of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's 'Against the Wind' album cover. At your leisure you may visit Jim Warren's personal website www.jimwarren.com to view over 40 years of his incredible visionary art... including my favorite new Jimi Hendrix painting just below.


Jimi Hendrix (original oil painting 2015 by Jim Warren)



The late 60's brought us to the edge of the Aquarian Age.
Peace, Love and Woodstock became the symbols of a new generation.
Some grew their hair long and tried dropping out of the 'rat-race' to become
hippies, vegetarians, politicians  ....and Rock Stars!

Brian Jones (by Ethan Russell) & Leon Russell (by Ed Caraeff) ~ or better undressed for the new revolution!


A counterculture that wore tie-dye, tried pacify and sought to mystify.
Some tripped, most slipped.
Some tested rules, others tested drugs.
A patriotic hippie smoked the flag ...not burned it!

Most inhaled ~ Clinton didn't




Patriotic Rolling Papers were first introduced on July 4, 1970
at the 'Honor America Day Smoke-in' in Washington, DC on
the march for legalization by Paul Ropp, Richard Sauter and me!


"An unidentified hippie smokes what appears to be a marijuana cigarette for the benefit of a pair of
middle-aged women, along with several other onlookers, during the ‘Honor America Day Smoke-In' thrown by
marijuana activists to protest other government ceremonies being held at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC"

Paul Ropp and me celebrating Obama's re-election 42 years later




The big 180 degree reversal
...my corporate America years

1981 thru 2001 was 20 years as a Vice President of Revlon, Inc.




Camelot ~ that other great illusion'

For those old enough to remember: Being a graphic artist I switched seats with the president and put myself in JFK's seat in the presidential
limousine, placed it in front of the Texas School Book Depository on 11-22-63 (the day of the assassination) to see if I could maybe change history.


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The Road to Travel
It has been a really important part of my life's journey to share these concepts with you.
I would truly appreciate even just a short comment about what you have read here.

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May your mind always be open
May your thoughts always be pure
May your dreams always be answered
May your path always be sure

May you live the life you wanted
May you have the one you love
May you take from those who offer
May you thank them all with love

May you listen to the answers
May you mean the words you speak
May you understand the secret
that creates the life you seek

May your journey be remembered for what you say and do
May you touch the world & change it ~ Love, Expand, Renew



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Special appreciation needs to go out to Ethan Russell whose photography appears here
and in almost every piece of 60's graphic art, album design and assembly that I was part of for:
The Rolling Stones, London Records, The Beatles, Apple Records, Abkco Records & Alan Steckler



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